The Importance of Diagnosis

The Importance of Diagnosis course is designed for dentists who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in diagnosing dental conditions. This course focuses on the critical role of diagnosis in providing effective dental treatments and improving patient outcomes.

What People Are Saying:

She had truly helped me become a better doctor. I learned more in the 2 hour lecture about TMJ issues with Dr. Albatish than I did my entire DMD education and thereafter. I have been able to implement her diagnosis technique every single day in my practice to get so many of my patients out of pain in just a few simple steps. I feel so lucky to have her knowledge available to which to learn and grow.

I have heard Dr. Albatish speak at multiple seminars and have participated in her mastermind. The wealth of knowledge Dr. Albatish brings to each presentation is life changing. She makes complex dental cases predictable and easy. Her practice methods and solutions work. I have grown and improved my practice based on what I have learned at her courses. I highly recommend attending any course given by Dr. Nada Albatish.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Dr. Nada Albatish via an online lecture series, an in-person lecture and a hands-on class. She is, by far, one of the most knowledgeable doctor-lecturers that I have had the pleasure of listening and engaging with over my last 12 years of practice.